Private Coaching

Private coaching is best for owners who want to be actively involved with their dog's progress.

Private coaching is best for owners who want to be actively involved with their dog’s progress. All sessions are one on one, and take place in the home. Private coaching is ideal for the client who wants to be directly involved in their dogs learning process. Private coaching clients have the time to meet regularly, and are able to do all homework and training outside of coaching sessions. Goals are set for each meeting, and progress is assessed at the start of the following appointment. Usually, private coaching clients have already attended classes and worked with their dogs enough to have established an obedience foundation, and just need help on select issues.

Concerns fit for private coaching are

New adult dog acclimation

  • Newly adopted dogs
  • Dogs new to the urban environment

Adolescent dog problem behaviors

  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Barking
  • House soiling
  • Stealing

Baby preparation

Off-leash in Central Park

  • For dogs who have a strong obedience foundation

Seperation anxiety assessment

Resource guarding

Consultation Required $200 Individual 1-hour appointment: $150 Package of 6 sessions: $800 6 pack expires 6 months after purchase

I learned more about animal behavior working alongside Justis 2-4 times a week than I did working full time at a veterinary medicine clinic for over a year.

I have seen her coax dogs of all ages out of their shells time and again, setting them up for success with amazing training drills and boosting their self-confidence so that they walk with heads high, an easy stride, & tails at a lazy wag as they traverse the streets of Manhattan.

- Abi S

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