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Our specialties

On-Leash Reactivity

  • Barking at other dogs, humans, skateboards, joggers, etc on walks and in lobbies


  • Inability to walk out of the apartment, hugging the buildings, startling at city noises and stimuli


  • Growling or biting when in possession of an object, sleeping area, or near a particular human, aggression toward guests in the home, children, or a particular gender

Puppy Basics

  • Pre-puppy consultations and set-up, choosing the right breed or rescue dog, early handling and socialization basics, housetraining guidance

Adolescent Behaviors

  • Jumping, nipping, attention-seeking barking, stealing, counter surfing, ignoring the owner, etc

Central Park Off-Leash

  • Creating a plan and solidifying recall, with a goal of taking the dog off-leash in the pre-9am or post-9pm hours. Availability is limited for this goal.


  • Beginning to advanced obedience cues, distance work


  • AKC Tricks title evaluation.  Basic tricks like roll over and wave, as well as advanced chains such as put toys away


  • Blind Dogs
  • Deaf Dogs
  • Senior Dogs/Cognitive Decline

Justis worked above and beyond for both me and my dog.

She is in it to help the dog, and cares so deeply to help the situation. Training is work, nobody can magically fix your dog, Justis will help you learn what to do in the best possible way.

- Jodi A